MA2VICMR: Mejorando el Acceso, el Análisis y la Visibilidad de la Información y los Contenidos Multilingüe y Multimedia en Red para la Comunidad de Madrid


MAVIR is a research network co-funded by the Regional Government of Madrid and the European Social Fund under MA2VICMR (2010-2013) and MAVIR (2006-2009) programs. The core of the consortium consists seven research groups from universities and organisations from the Region of Madrid, namely:


The techniques, resources and applications developed by the groups participating in the informationprocessing area focus on:

  1. construction of linguistic resources for multilingual information processing and access (NLP&IR-UNED, THALES-UPM, HLT&IR-UAM).
  2. acquisition of linguistic knowledge from corpora and web mining techniques (NLP&IR-UNED, LABDA-UC3M, THALES-UPM, GSI-UEM).
  3. adaptation and integration of linguistic resources in web access applications (NLP&IR-UNED, HLT&IR-UAM, GSI-UEM, THALES-UPM , LABDA-UC3M).
  4. automatic report and summaries generation, automatic document classification and clustering (GSI-UEM, HLT&IR-UAM, NLP&IR-UNED).
  5. dialogue systems allowing interactive queries over different domains through advanced interfaces (THALES-UPM, LABDA-UC3M, HLT&IR-UAM, NLP&IR-UNED).
  6. construction of domain and general-purpose ontologies for the Semantic Web (THALES-UPM, NLP&IR-UNED, CybermetricsLab-CSIC, GSI-UEM).
  7. managing multimedia and multilingual information in order to organise and visualise it following the usability standard by the W3C (NLP&IR-UNED, THALES-UPM, GSI-UEM, CybermetricsLab-CSIC).
  8. information retrieval and information extraction, specially on the area of personalised information retrieval and information in context (HLT&IR-UAM, THALES-UPM, GSI-UEM).
  9. design of soft-computing methods applied to images processing problems such as image segmentation and recognition, objects tracking in video sequences and 3D vision (GAVAB-URJC, THALES-UPM).
  10. spontaneous speech recognition and speech-to-text systems (HLT&IR-UAM, THALES-UPM).
  11. evaluation of information access systems (NLP&IR-UNED) and cybermetrics analyses (CybermetricsLab-CSIC).

By adding new researchers and integrating new groups in the previous consortium we are able to tackle problems not covered so far, such as the multimedia content processing and access (specially audio, image and video), speech recognition and personalised information retrieval and information in context.


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